Bob Jones High School has partnered with 5Boys Screen Printing & Embroidery to provide you with a school store that fulfills all of your apparel needs! With every order that is placed a large percentage of that sale is donated directly towards Bob Jones High School! Whether you are a parent looking for some school gear or a teach needing to place an order for school shirts – this is your one stop platform to do everything you need to do apparel wise! 


We work hard to provide you with a dependable and high quality service and online portal for all of your apparel needs. All orders placed will be dropped off to the school 10-14 business days after the placement of the order and an email will be sent to notify you of the items delivery to the school. Every order is individually packaged and delivered so you only have to worry about picking up the items!


If you are a teacher or coach placing an order for apparel then head over to our “Place an Order” section to get a quote on your order! With every order placed a large percentage of the order is donated back to the school! Once you complete the form requesting a quote 5Boys will be in contact with you via email within 24 hours!


We thank for you the oppurutnity to provide you with a superior and reliable service to help enhance the Patriot brand and to help raise money for the school!